The Palace was born from the doors of an old victorian on the corner of Masonic and Golden Gate avenue in San Francisco. Deemed, “The Golden Palace”, stands a two story, eight bedroom, two bath and two kitchen palatial estate that has been handed down from friend group to friend group. But only the top floor of this victorian possessed the magic to bring together the founding members of what would later be called “The Palace” after its victorian embryo. 


As a long time palatial member, Gabe Edralin (keys) spends many long nights hammering away on the grand piano perched in the expansive living room, never deterred by the droning sounds of an instrument so gracefully out of tune. At the bench of these ivory keys is where B, formally known as Alys (Lead singer and founder) first consumed the deep melodic drones of the piano with a stroke of a guitar. From there, a musical chemistry that continues to intensify to this day began. Gabe and Alys started what has now been recognized as the ever so haunted Palace band with B as the creative energy behind every dark phrase it produces. It wasn’t long until both started to lust for more hard-hitting rhythmic pulses that would ultimately carry their songs from the depths of their subconscious to the inhabitants at the surface. Later, Molly Butera (bass) would join the band as the badass bass babe that now blows out your speakers in Assassin and Todd Anderson (lead guitar) whose slide solos certainly melt your mind in Lessons From Appalachia. Curtis Cirillo (drums) joined the palatial journey through a happy accident when Gabe’s brother was too hungover to show up to his own band practice.


One year and EP later, The Palace has forced themselves onto the San Francisco music scene through intense live performances and rowdy after parties. They now have their eyes on landscapes beyond the bay and are looking to exercise B’s demons altogether.